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Yes, you must face the pain
But reliving it again and again
Wallowing in despair gets you nowhere
except further under

You know you want to tell
You've tried for for many years
You start to speak, then shut your mouth
And your face dissolves in tears 
of fear and self-loathing

But this has to stop!
The abuser should feel the shame
The abuser should wear the guilt
The abuser is to blame 
for what you feel

Reach out to those who care
Love yourself that much! 
Let their open arms embrace you 
And heal you with their touch


©  Viga Boland 2012


When you finally come out from under
And absolve yourself of blame
When you cast aside the crippling fears
And rid yourself of shame
As you peel away the layers
To expose the soul below
You will come to love that person
The one you didn't know.

©  Viga Boland 2012



Words are not footprints
Left along the shore
Waves will not erase them

They live forevermore
Tiny grains of sand
Ever shifting 'neath the tide
Bringing up the memories
of pain so hard to hide ...

unless we think before we speak
choosing carefully what we say
So our words can open minds
And our footprints show the way

©  Viga Boland 2012