Sunday, April 29, 2012


The sunset of life is more precious than gold
Enriched with the stories yet to be told

(Viga Boland, 2012)

Is it wise to post and publish your life,  memories, secrets online? Probably not. As  is becoming all too apparent, too many people know too much about us already in the instant news world of today.

So why on earth share memoirs in a place so public as a blog? Because, in my case, time is running out. How much time is left to write that story that began 66 years ago? While I'm not rich and will never be famous, there are some folks in my life who do care about how I evolved into who I am today and would like to read my story. So just in case I never finish the full memoir I am currently writing, this blog will provide some snippets of what to expect if and when that memoir does get finished in time.

Now, as my WARNING above states: some readers may find sections of this blog disturbing, even shocking. That's because it's the truth and the truth isn't always nice. But other sections may bring a smile to your face. You may recognize a bit of yourself in my story, and I hope you do, because everybody's got a story. This just happens to be mine. Welcome to Vigaland.

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  1. Viga,Thank you for writing your experience of such horrible abuse. I to am a survivor of incest. I have confronted both of my brothers to let myself release the damage that was forced upon me as just a small child. I am very proud you have stepped out of what I know is a nightmare hidden inside. To come out and stand up, is for yourself and your healing. This helps so many that still choose to deny their abuse and remain silent. I know what you have done will help to heal many women and men in this debate to speak out loud and share.To live as I did until the age of 33 and sweep this sexual abuse under the rug, leaves scars that can never heal. I had to speak and confront.Many family members have chose to deny me. Thank you for what you have written and continue please. God bless you and I am thankful I have found you here .