Monday, February 24, 2014

The SEQUEL to #NO TEARS FOR MY FATHER offered #FREE to SUBSCRIBERS to the Author's Blog!

Purchase a signed, printed copy OR the eBook version for all e-readers of NO TEARS FOR MY FATHERdirectly from the author's website. Support indie writers trying to increase awareness of an important subject. 

If you’ve read NO TEARS FOR MY FATHER and wondered what life was like for me, after leaving home and my abuser of 13 years, then subscribe to the RSS for the blog on my personal author's website now!


Because I have decided to BLOG my SEQUEL, temporarily titled: VIGALAND: LIFE AFTER INCEST!

Why am I doing it this way instead of simply writing and publishing another book? Well, for one thing, self-publishing is expensive, especially if an author doesn’t know how many to have printed for the first run. Now I’d love to think that I’ll sell as many copies of the sequel as I did of the original book, but I’m going to be cautious and test your interest first.

Readers who subscribe to this RSS will be my  “testers”, the ones who hopefully will tell me how I’m doing, by leaving me comments, feedback, chapter by chapter. It’s a novel, as in "new" approach, to writing a book, but the beauty of doing it this way, for you, the reader, is it’s FREE!

And for me, it’s motivation to keep writing this sequel. With subscribers, I have no excuses for not adding a chapter every few days. And the more of you who subscribe, the more motivated I will be! So subscribe today and get your friends to subscribe. Just fill in the form provided below or click on the RSS symbol on the bottom right of the homepage of MY WEBSITE

Okay, that’s it for this post. I’ll be looking for your subscriptions for the next week or so, and  then I’ll start posting the chapters of VIGALAND: LIFE AFTER INCEST bit by bit. 

You don’t want to come back and see half the book has already been archived, do you? Subscribe NOW!

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